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Size Chart (in inches)
We highly suggest you purchase garments from us based solely on the size chart below (in inches). If you are between two sizes we suggest sizing down! If you do not see your size available or have questions regarding your sizing please reach out to us via email at or DM us on Instagram @syzygythelabel to arrange custom sizing and/or receive help!


This is our MOST REVEALING top style. You will have not only underboob but side-boob action as well. If your measurements often fluctuate it’s best to know your largest bra size and buy based on that size. Also if you are at the end of one of the size brackets and don’t want to be as revealing on the sides sizing up will surely keep you covered (ex: 34B is considered a Small, but a Medium will offer more coverage). If you are still unsure which size to pick feel free to email us at or DM us on Instagram and our lead designer will help better gauge your perfect fit! We ladies have ever changing bodies so it’s important to measure yourself once every 3-6 months since our bodies often redistribute weight as our lifestyle and habits alter over time. 
Bottomz Stylez Guide
If you're unsure what style of bottomz you'd like to purchase, reference the guide below for a better understanding of how our styles fit!
High Cut Kini

High Waisted

Thong Kini